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About The Game

You just can't say 'no' to anybody. Looks like I, Punny, your imaginary bunny companion, have to get you back on track with this game! Always do the opposite! Disobey all orders! It's reverse psychology put into practice. I hope I won't confuse your brain too much, hehe. If you want to relax, however, we can also have a nice conversation to improve your flirting skills. Together we will prepare you for life, evading dubious people, dodging danger, convincing your sweetheart and... maybe I, too, could... nevermind, our goal is to secure your future!


There are three different styles of gameplay you will encounter in DISOBEY ME!


I will give you commands to go to the left or right side. Your job is to do the exact opposite. If I tell you to go to the left, you go right. If I tell you to not go to the left, you go left. And if I tell you, that you shouldn't go not right, you go... uhm, to the other side.


If you get into trouble and people try to hit you, it's best to improve your dodging skills. When I tell you to take damage (Remember: You have to do the opposite!), you will turn into a yellow orb and I'll send some bullets your way. ...I know, they don't look like punches, but you get the idea, right?

Flirt! (optional)

Your sweetheart is somewhere out there, but you just can't bring yourself to start a conversation. To ease you into proper communication, I will imitate your darling, so, until you are ready, you can chat with me instead.

Progress of the Game

Oh, now this is a bummer! It seems like this game has officially been abandonned. Well, you can still get the demo at the top for a little fun.
However, the machine hasn't stopped entirely. There is another game in the making. It may still be in a very early state and probably takes a really long time to finish, but I'm told it'll be a lot of fun. So let's be patient and hope for the best.

About me

Hi, I'm Jakob Dahlum, creator of "DISOBEY ME!". I've always been fascinated with designing my own games. As a child, I drew my own Mario Party boards or levels for Banjo-Kazooie on paper. When I got my hands on editors for classic Mario games in my teenage years, I spent a good amount of time creating Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 hacks. Maybe some of you have heard of my hack "Super Mario 74" (Yes, the title really was that uncreative.) or its devilishly difficult "Extreme Edition". You can find tons of Let's Plays of them online. It's crazy that already so much time has passed since then. I've switched to working on my own games and not just hacks but it is a process that takes a lot of time. DISOBEY ME! was my first attempt at Unity and for that, it's alright. I learned a lot to make sure that the next game will blow you away!

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